About Us

Community Based Tourism for our Guests

We like to think of you as "Guests" instead of "Clients" or "Customers" because, to us, our guests mean much more than money. Our model is community-based tourism, which means using local, knowledgeable guides, staying in locally-owned accommodation and interacting with those you meet.

The main emphasis of our trips is to experience home grown culture. You stay with the people of the Himalayas and work with them in the fields. If possible, you visit ceremonies or you can also volunteer time for local causes. Our goal is to make bridges between the two worlds so that both guests and locals have a rich cultural experience. We make sure that you understand the culture and do not offend the people you will meet. A percentage of the money from the trips we organise helps support an orphanage in the Indian Himalayas.


Health and Safety

Acclimatization—Your body needs time to adjust to the altitude. We understand the health issues and do not impose a rigorous schedule.

Excellent knowledge of the area

Years of building friendships and contacts in the area will benefit you.

Individual attention

We keep a handle on how every member of the group is doing.

Small Scale

Groups are kept small in number.

Cooking Classes

Nutritious, regionally appropriate food prepared by one who understands himalayan cooking.

Indian Background

We have the cultural knowledge, ability with languages and the political/administrative connections so necessary for travelling in India.

We promise to give the ultimate in:

  • Off the beaten track adventures
  • Meeting locals in their villages, homes and monasteries
  • Exciting Safe Travel
  • The cultural experience of a life time