Special Guests

CAT KABIRA (Certified Yoga Instructor)

Originally from the USA, Cat Kabira has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching since 2003. What got Cat on the mat in the first place was her search for healing for her eating disorder, drug and alcohol addictions, depression and sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

Cat has studied with several teachers and traditions around the globe, styles mostly derived from Krishnamacharya (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Forrest, Vinyasa as well as some Kundalini teachings and Tantric lineages. She trained with teachers: Ana Forrest of Forrest Yoga, Baron Baptiste of Power Yoga, Todd Norian, Bihar School of Yoga and 7 Centers Yoga Arts, Annie Carpenter, Barbara Benaugh, Shiva Rea, Jasmine Lieb (yoga therapeutics). She is not married to one particular lineage and her practice and teaching is being present with what is needed in the moment as well as using her skills at seeing, feeling, and reading body patterns and energy to find the most empowering and transformational practices for her students for that day.

Along with yoga and meditation, Cat has trained with shamans and healers in several modalities and is a certified Level 6 Craniosacral Therapist. She trains in pilates, the Gyrotonic Expansion System, Feldenkreis and the circus arts (especially the trapeze).

Cat loves to dance and has been composing on the piano since she was young. Her base had been Bali, Indonesia for the past 11 years and at the moment she has homes in several places on the planet as she runs yoga teacher trainings, retreats, workshops all over the globe.


Conscious development of spiritual community has been a lively part of the engagement she, with her partner Matthew Eades, has with students in Canada and New Zealand. Bonni and Matthew have extensive experience working in the world and this, plus idiosyncratic senses of humour, informs a practical, integrated approach to committed practice. “The world is my cloister” is the motto of Sunshine Coast Retreat House.

Bonni began exploring the teachings of liberation in the early sixties. In the mid 70’s she met her principal teacher, Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche, whose direct, eclectic teaching and example are central to her life. The encouragement of His Holiness the 16th Karmapa, teachings from many great Buddhist masters, and innovative westerners like Fritz Perls and Buckminster Fuller have had direct influence, as well as artists, composers, scientists, poets, dancers, philosophers and mystery writers too numerous to mention. Her inspiration comes from “ordinary” people who demonstrate exceptional courage and compassion in the midst of great suffering.

Janie Pelletier (Professeure de yoga certifiée)

Janie a découvert le yoga il y a plus de quinze ans au cours de sa formation de comédienne. En 2012, elle suit son instinct et complète sa certification 500 heures avec Moksha yoga qui lui permettra d’enseigner ce style de yoga chaud pendant 2 ans à Montréal et en Colombie-Britannique.

En 2014, elle relève le défi de prendre les rênes de la gestion du Studio de yoga Wanderlust à Montréal en plus de développer son enseignement vers un style unique de vinyasa inspiré du Kula Yoga Project de New York . Elle complètera alors une formation avancée de 75 heures du Kula Yoga Project, une technique de vinyasa mariant la musique et le yoga. Cette même année, elle guide sa première retraite de yoga au Panama, une expérience singulière qui confirme son goût de voyage et de l’aventure.

Pour Janie, le yoga est la rencontre de l’autre et de soi-même dans toute son unicité. C’est une passion, mais aussi un mode de vie qu’elle partage au quotidien avec ses étudiants. La santé, c’est le choix qu’elle a fait en se dédiant à la pratique et l’enseignement du yoga ainsi que la possibilité d’apprendre sans relâche sur la nutrition, l’anatomie, l’être humain et son fonctionnement. Passionnée de plein air, de randonnée en montagne, de planche à neige, de vélo et de natation, le yoga est sa médecine douce, là où elle revient pour se centrer, pour canaliser son énergie contagieuse, mais aussi pour soulager ses muscles endoloris!

Après maintenant 4 ans d’existence, le Studio de yoga Wanderlust ouvrira les portes de sa 2e location à Griffintown en août 2017. Janie continuera d’y marier la gestion et l’enseignement du yoga au coeur d’une ville bouillante de promesses et d’une communauté qui souhaite se dépasser, se déposer… et établir leur intention.

La beauté du yoga est que chaque étudiant devient un professeur et chaque professeur reste un étudiant.
Janie Pelletier
Professeure de yoga/Yoga instructor

Andy Evans

Andy was born on the upper Sunshine Coast in the outdoor capital of Canada, Powell River BC. His love of nature and vast knowledge of outdoor ventures make him a great pick for assisting in a hiking tour through the Himalayas. Andy’s training and experience includes wilderness first aid; swift water; navigation and orientation; and avalanche certification. On top of that, Andy has volunteered with Sunshine Coast and Powell River search and rescue for 10 years.

Some of Andy’s favourite activities are back country skiing; snowshoeing; hiking; mountain and road cycling; and kayaking. His approach to life is work hard, play harder supported by his keen sense of fun. Andy is a practical and observant guy easily depended on to make sensible choices in challenging situations.


Photographic Moments… a gift of surprise, wonder and contemplation
In 2013 after years of interest in photography, I decided to take a week long course in Dubois, Wyoming with National Geographic photographer Jay Dickman. This inspired me to elevate my photography.

My photographic experience usually begins by being drawn to a particular place, thing or object and engaging in the art of photography. When a photograph is actually taken, I may have a sense of what has occurred in that moment. However, as I view these photographic moments, I often find myself surprised and filled with wonder. In my experience, the end result of my photography is an incredible gift of “moments” that can be shared with others and enjoyed over and over again.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these photographic moments.