Spiti 2017
Yoga Journey to Spiti (with Cat Kabira)
Aug 27 to Sep 16, 2017 (21 Days)
This trip begins in Dharamshala where we investigate teachings by Dalai Lama. From here we journey to ancient monasteries and remote villages in the high mountains of Kinnaur & Spiti, situated at an altitude of more than 3500 meters. This region was briefly a part of the ancient kingdom of Guge in Western Tibet.
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Trip Overview

Your journey will start at Dharamshala, the centre of the Tibetan Government in Exile, and home to the monastery and residence of Dalai Lama. Here you will familiarise yourself with Tibetan Culture and Tibetan Buddhist way of life. You will also attend one day of Teachings by Dalai Lama.

After Dharamshala, you will spend about a week in the lush green valleys of Kullu and Kinnaur. Inhabited by people of Buddhist as well as Hindu descent, this region has a rich and unique culture.

Your journey will continue to the arid region of Spiti, which was briefly a part of the ancient kingdom of Guge in Western Tibet. Some very old Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, said to be favourites of Dalai Lama, are located here. The oldest being the one in Tabo which was established in 996 CE. The road along the itinerary traverses some of the highest mountain passes in the world and offers spectacular views.


Please be advised that traveling by roads in the areas that we will be going to in the Himalayas is not for the faint of the heart. You can consider them to be combination of logging roads and extreme mountain roads in western Canada and USA. We go great lengths to make sure that the best drivers are hired for this fabulous journey. It is an adventure. The tentative itinerary cannot always be guaranteed as these roads can be temporarily closed due to landslides.

Highlights of this Trip

  • One day of teachings by Dalai Lama (Aug 29).
  • Experience extremely rich and unique culture of different regions in the Himalayas, which is influenced by Hinduism as well as Buddhism.
  • Visit Buddhist Monasteries, many of which are 400 to 1000 year old.
  • Hike to Chandra Tal, the “lake of the moon”.
  • Yoga with Cat Kabira


  • Small Group (max of 10 people)
  • Safe and Healthy Food
  • Experienced Local Guides
  • Safe Exciting Travel
  • High Quality Amenities
  • Meet local residents in villages and monasteries
  • The Ultimate Himalayan Adventure & Cultural Experience

CAT KABIRA (Certified Yoga Instructor)

Originally from the USA, Cat Kabira has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching since 2003. What got Cat on the mat in the first place was her search for healing for her eating disorder, drug and alcohol addictions, depression and sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

Cat has studied with several teachers and traditions around the globe, styles mostly derived from Krishnamacharya (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Forrest, Vinyasa as well as some Kundalini teachings and Tantric lineages. She trained with teachers: Ana Forrest of Forrest Yoga, Baron Baptiste of Power Yoga, Todd Norian, Bihar School of Yoga and 7 Centers Yoga Arts, Annie Carpenter, Barbara Benaugh, Shiva Rea, Jasmine Lieb (yoga therapeutics). She is not married to one particular lineage and her practice and teaching is being present with what is needed in the moment as well as using her skills at seeing, feeling, and reading body patterns and energy to find the most empowering and transformational practices for her students for that day.

Along with yoga and meditation, Cat has trained with shamans and healers in several modalities and is a certified Level 6 Craniosacral Therapist. She trains in pilates, the Gyrotonic Expansion System, Feldenkreis and the circus arts (especially the trapeze).

Cat loves to dance and has been composing on the piano since she was young. Her base had been Bali, Indonesia for the past 11 years and at the moment she has homes in several places on the planet as she runs yoga teacher trainings, retreats, workshops all over the globe.


Aug 27 to Sep 16, 2017 (21 Days)

Pick Up and Drop Off: New Delhi International Airport (DEL)

Please make sure that you reach New Delhi by late night of Aug 27th. We will be taking an early morning flight to Dharamshala on Aug 28th.


DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: Two people sharing the same room. Separate beds
SINGLE OCCUPANCY: Each person has an individual room

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Main Package: Aug 27 to Sep 16, 2017 (21 Days)
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    Dinner on day 20 and 21 is not included in the package. All other meals are included
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  • Entrance to Museums and Monuments
  • Permits and other fees incurred while traveling in India
  • Cost of special events like Cooking Evening or a Culture Show

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To book this trip, please deposit the booking amount (non-refundable) or the full amount, into the bank account of “Journey to Himalayas”. You will be required to deposit the full amount 75 days before the trip starts (Jun 14, 2017). Please read TOS for details.

Delhi – Dharamshala –Tirthan Valley – Kinnnaur – Spiti – Kullu/Manali – Delhi (21 Days)

The monsoon would have just ended in India, so it will be an excellent time to travel in the Himalayas.

PLEASE NOTE that this is a tentative itinerary. We do try to follow the original plan as close as possible. But the exact dates might differ depending on the road condition and other factors that can’t be controlled or predicted. The Pick-up and Drop-off date will not change. Please read TOS for details.


Late Evening/Night Pick Up at International Airport New Delhi.
Please make sure that you reach Delhi by the night of Day 1.
Check-in to a hotel.

Day 2-4 Dharamshala

Day 2: Dharamshala, 1500 m
Delhi to Dharamshala: Flight 1 h 45 m.
Visit McLeod Ganj, the centre of the Tibetan Government in Exile, and home to the monastery and residence of His Holiness Dalai Lama.

Day 3: Dharamshala
Attend the teachings by His Holiness Dalai Lama at the Dalai Lama Temple.
Local Sight Seeing. Village Walk.

Day 4: Dharamshala
You will visit several monasteries, schools and museums that showcase and preserve Tibetan culture and traditions.

Day 5-7: Tirthan Valley & Shoja

Day 5: Shoja, 2692 m.
Dharamshala to Shoja: 200 km, 6-8 h.
Here you will settle in and get familiar with the Himalayan culture of this region. There are lots of quaint villages in this area.

Day 6: Shoja 2692 m
Walk to a village and waterfall in Tirthan Valley.
Tirthan Valley is located next to Great Himalayan National Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Day 7: Shoja 2692 m.
Tirthan to Shoja: 40 km, 2h.
Short Hike today (2-3 hours)

Day 8-11: Kinnaur
Sangla, Chitkul, Kalpa

Day 8: Sangla, 2313 m.
Shoja to Sangla: 200 km, 7-9 hrs.
Situated on the banks of river Baspa, Sangla offers spectacular views. Sangla is considered by many as the most scenic valley in the Kinnaur District. The region is famous for its apples, cherry trees, walnuts and trout fishing.

Day 9: Sangla
Visit the border town of Chitkul, 3460 m.
Located 22 km from Sangla, due to its proximity to India-Tibet/China border, this village is often referred to as the “Last village of India”.

Day 10: Kalpa, 2960 m.
Sangla to Kalpa: 40 km, 2h.
On the cusp of predominantly Hindu and Buddhist regions of Himalayas, Kalpa has a very rich culture. Kinnauris (Inhabitants of Kinnaur) believe in Hinduism as well as Buddhism. It is interesting to see the Gods and Goddesses from both of these faiths in several temples of Kalpa. This area is also famous for its apple orchards.
Fun Fact: Kalpa in Sanskrit means aeon.

Day 11: Kalpa
Walks in Kalpa and Recong Peo.
Recong Peo is the district headquarter of Kinnaur.
We will also get our inner-line permit to continue our journey towards Spiti from here.

Day 12-17: Spiti
Tabo, Dhankar, Kaza, Ki

Day 12: Tabo, 3280 m.
Drive from Kalpa to Tabo: 149 km, 5-6 hrs.
Timer permitting, visit Nako village and lake en route.
Tabo was founded in 996 CE, and has the oldest monastery in Spiti.

Day 13: Kaza, 3650 m.
Tabo to Kaza: 48 km, 2-4 hr.
Short drive to Kaza. Visit Dhankar (3894 m) en-route.
Very good 2-3 hour hike to Dhankar Lake which gives a bird’s eye view to this settlement.

Day 14: Kaza
Local sight-seeing. Visit Ki Gompa and Kibber.
Situated on the hilltop, Ki Gompa (Monastery), is set in very picturesque settings. For the adventurous ones, there will be an option of a 2-3 hour hike.

Day 15: Langza, 4400 m.
Kaza to Langza: 15 km, 1 h.
Very Scenic village with excellent Homestays.
Visit Tangyud Monastery at Komic (alt 4520 m), and World’s highest Post office at Hikim. You can post letters and post cards over here.

Day 16: Kaza
Rest or Buffer day.
We might rest or find some interesting activity to do in Spiti.

Day 17: Chandra Tal, 4300 m.
Kaza to Chandra Tal camp: 100 km, 4-5h. En route, we will cross Kunzum Pass (4500 m).
Hike to Chandra Tal (Lake): 7 km, 2-3 hours.
Chandra Tal means Lake of the moon.
Overnight stay at Chandra Tal camp.

Day 18-21: Manali-Delhi

Day 18: Manali 1950 m.
Chandra Tal camp to Manali: 125 km, 5-7 h.
With tall mountain ranges that reach the sky and very rich culture, Manali is a beautiful town in the Himalayas

Day 19: Manali
Local Sight Seeing. Walk. Rest Day.
Social/Cultural Evening.

Day 20*: New Delhi
Manali to Delhi flight**: 1h 45m
Visit upscale/highbrow area(s) of Delhi. For those of you interested in clothes, we can also go and look for some chic ethnic clothes from India. FabIndia is an excellent store for this.
*Dinner for this day is not included in the cost of tour package.
**Please be advised that, this flight is not always operational, so we might have to travel by road to finish our journey to Delhi

Day 21*: New Delhi
Shopping/Museum Day.
Visit State Emporiums for handicrafts.
Your trip will end in the evening of 21st day.
*Dinner for this day is not included in the cost of tour package.

Au Revoir!!


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Spiti 2017
Basic Package
Aug 27 to Sep 16, 2017 (21 Days)

To register/book (confirm your spot) for this trip, you are requested to make a deposit of booking amount for trip package.
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DOUBLE OCCUPANCY: Two people sharing the same room. Separate beds
SINGLE OCCUPANCY: Each person has an individual room